Launching It Up

It’s been a long 5 months of designing, programming, and editing, but the new website is finally here, and it feels so good to see it as a finished product. We’ve created a whole new interface and back office with so many new cool features and a very GelMoment aesthetic. I personally love the homepage, especially when you press the “Learn More” button. Let me tell you, though, the process of creating this website wasn’t easy.

When Dov first asked me to commission a new website, he requested I make 3 initial designs for the two of us and Amalia to look over and choose from. I spent an entire night, so excited about the project, creating 3 very unique but cool designs. I went into work the next day eager to show them off, knowing that my favourite design, option one, would easily be the front runner. But, of course, it happened; Dov loved option two, Amalia loved option three, and I loved option one. We spent the whole day trying to convince the others that our choice was the best choice. I can imagine what was going on through David’s head watching us all day, it must have been a sight. Like every family though, at the end of the day, our little GelMoment family sat down and made a compromise. I couldn’t be happier that we did, because what came out of it, was the amazing website we have now. Amalia and I collaborated on our choices from option one and option three to create the homepage, and Dov got his dream “Back Office” from option two.

So in the end, it all worked out, and the process was really fun and exciting, which is why I couldn’t be more ecstatic that I get to share the results with all of you today.

I can’t wait to see everyone at convention.

Until next time,


Lady V