Glass Tea Mug

16oz Glass Tea Mug with infuser, lid and silicone band.

Brew tea easily with your GelMoment Glass Tea Mug! This mug comes with a fine stainless steel infuser, a lid that doubles as a saucer, and a silicone band. This non-slip silicone band is not just for looks, it also protects the rim of the glass from chipping, and it keeps the edges of your mug cool while keeping your tea hot! 


1. Add desired amount of tea to the infuser.

2. Carefully pour hot water over the tea, and close the lid.

3. Allow tea to steep for the time indicated on your GelMoment tea packaging.

4. Remove the lid. Place the infuser on the lid if desired.

5. Enjoy your GelMoment tea! 

  • $17.50

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